Ok, let's get straight to the point, we know you don't have hours to spare. Time is most precious. We're a marketing services agency that combines years of experience with youthful zest. Marketing (and all its glorious intricacies) is our love, our life, our passion and our bread and butter.
Please take a look around our site. If you think we sound like the sort of people you'd like to spend some time talking to then please get in touch. We like nothing better that to stick our noses into other people's business and have a good chinwag. We're not going to lie, we're in this to make money, for you and us, but a cup of tea with a chocolate biscuit and a chat is free.
About us.

They're out there...
we know you've seen them...

Those agency websites that say, 'above all - business should be fun'. Please. Give us a break - business is hard work. Sometimes our customers want to put a man on the moon, sometimes they just want to get to the end of the week with their sanity intact. We totally understand that, we've been there ourselves.
The fun starts when you're in control of your business or your job and you know there's a team around you that works tirelessly on your behalf to deliver - that's where we come in. Strategic - Got a plan? Got a brief? Got no idea? No worries, we love this bit. We don't need to tell you this, but the brief is King! We can help you - Write it. Challenge it. Question it. Refine it. Fish for it!
Communication methods are changing faster today than at any other time in history and our thinking has to change with it. There's no point having a great idea for a marketing tactic, when it doesn't go to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. We look at the whole picture for you to make sure the activity has meaning and works for you.
If you want the best work, you need the best people, and we've got them. Our design team like brain bending work to stretch their creative muscles, the more difficult the brief the better. So we dare you - no, we double dare you to challenge us and together the sky's the limit.
Let's be honest, most of us fancy ourselves as a bit of a designer, or we know someone who thinks they are. Our design is passionate, award winning but above all hard working and effective. The proof is in the pudding, we'll show you anything you want to see (within reason) and present it at your offices or ours.
On the side of a cow or the bottom of a pineapple; your logo and brand are sacred, as is how it appears and the activity associated with it. Whether you're looking for a tightening of your brands key messages or a new logo, we make sure you have all the tools to give your brand sought after equity and exposure.
Social networking, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter - sick of hearing about it? Facebook - "Can't get my bloody kids off if." Sorry to tell you this but there are over 36 million active Facebook accounts in the UK and the fastest growing sector is adults 35-50. Ignore at your peril.
"Fish where the fish are and use the right fly" Search engine marketing - SEO, CPC, PPC, Mumbo Jumbo? Not to us. We know that you want to be number one on Google, have an PPC strategy that works for you and generally make it as easy as possible for web users (which is pretty much everyone) to find you. So let's sit down and talk through how we can accomplish this. It's not easy, but it's everyday for us
On-line, off-line, through-the-line, stuck on the side of a building, pasted on the back of a bus, stamped on fruit , 15 million leaflets printed, put on a palette, shoved on a 26 tonne truck and sent to Hull - we do it.
So here's the deal... positive activity in the community, for the environment and for our children makes your company look great. This can be achieved through a range of actions that will raise your companies' profile and ultimately be beneficial to other people and worthwhile causes.
We'll plan your CSR, organise all logistics and report back on the success of all campaigns. Not to mention the warm, fuzzy feeling you'll feel when your company has genuinely helped someone.
That's pretty isn't it? well... err...no. Visuals are objective and always divide opinion, what did you think of the London 2012 logo? Uproar. Love. Tears. Standing ovation - it got it all.
So we've proved you CAN argue with creative, but when creative delivers great ROI - no one argues. fact. Creating something visually stunning is an art , but managing to combine it with a campaign that achieves its goals is a skill. Luckily, we're got a track record of making both of these happen.
Our crack unit is established yet fresh, much like the SAS. We're made up of some of Her Majesty's finest and we like to think that our flexible approach allows us to match the best team members to each project.
The Team.
Jane Fish Managing director
Jane is actually much taller than she looks and is a founding partner of the Ministry. Before starting the agency she was Client Services Director at diablo Creative and head of marketing for QE2. Jane has 3 beautiful children, a "dashing" husband and works far too hard - she should know better.
Gareth Lloyd Jones Chairman
Gareth is bald. and totally comfortable with it - ALLLRIGHT! Now just leave it. A founding partner of the Ministry, he's been working in agencies since Noah was a boy, former MD of diablo Creative working on Virgin Atlantic, British Gas, HPI, to name but 3. He is Managing Director of HIPPO, a business he founded.
Paul Burgess Creative
Deceptively good looking and a dashing creative. Paul was Creative Director at Loewy but fell in love with one of Winchester's most beautiful residents and London's bright lights paled by comparison. Their loss - our luck.
Mark Bailey Creative
Looks like Jack Nicholson in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and our all round favourite nut. Former creative director at diablo and innovator of so many of our best-loved and most successful campaigns - moved to the Isle of Wight from London, why would you do that?
Del Hobbs production
Sometimes he can look a bit scary - and actually he is! If you want the impossible done, he'll move heaven and earth to make it happen, just don't ask too many questions about how he did it.
Charlie Culverhouse Account Executive
Charlie joined us on work experience as a post-graduate and we just couldn’t let her go! Charlie loves all things social and has a way with words. She may stand at 4”11 (which is why Jane was keen to have her onboard) but bubbles over with creative ideas. Charlie keeps the team smiling with her ‘cheeky’ sense of humour.
Debby Head Senior Account Manager
Debby of the Head, the original road runner and ludicrously addicted to chocolate. Irreplaceable member of the team whose armed with a keen eye for detail and a friendly and approachable attitude. Much like a superhero Debby miraculously becomes the queen of proof-reading and referencing (it's a medical thang!), so you're in safe hands when Deb's on the case!
Tessa Jones Office Manager
Tessa has beautiful curly hair (which we won't allow her to chop off - ok?) and she can talk the hind legs off a donkey - but we wouldn't have her any other way. She started out as an artist, but swiftly moved into a varied career of marketing, PR and event management - before bringing her bags of experience to the Ministry, her first agency.
Adam Berry Creative Director
Adam is our graphic designer, born in Scotland, quick with wit but slow with tea making (we're still waiting...). On a more serious note, with a tonne of creative design experience, Adam is our problem solver and a damn good one at that.
Contact us.
01962 864888
9a The Close, Winchester, Hampshire, S023 9LS